A new way to launch fire balls! Goes EXTREMELY FAST

The catapult is attached. Basically set up a machine that looks like so:

1. Bind the pin block key on the starting block to something other then p and set the winches to go at 2x speed.
2. Start the simulation at 200% speed and wind up the winches for about a minute.
3. Set the simulation speed to 5%, press the button you set the pin block to and press v once the starting block is in-between the ballasts
4. The ball will go shooting out

I am having so much fun making these new catapults. I actually have found out 2 other similar ways but this one works way better.

If you don't want to press v, don't use invincibility mode. I recommend using it though.

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the catapult.bsg


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From the edit I'm guessing it's not possible to use it without invincibility if you want to press v?