A New Kind of Walker [Tutorial]


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Does it keep getting pushed to the back of the forum or something? Since people keep bumping it XD
No, it was just me wanting to be associated with it for a few hours longer :eek: It's the first tutorial I've done so I wanted as much exposure and feedback as possible.
I couldn't resist trying a steam-turbine powered version. :D

Top-heavy, glitchy as heck, and walks in a circle, but it works. In invincibility mode anyway. The tail is functional - it stops it tipping onto its nose... :)

I think I should probably start again from scratch, with the turbine a bit lower. I'll see how I get on, and post a video and/or bsg file.
.......speechless........wow! That has got be some kind of hacking record for a Besiege build. As for starting from scratch, experiment with moving the swivel with respect to the drive first - and in all directions. I have begun this process already and gotten some startling results! When you get bored with that then drop in an EXTRA set of swivels somehwereabouts! Look forward to seeing what you come up with. btw did you get a chance to see my Alien Tank? that came about as a direct result of our conversation about steam/water power ratio .
Yeah, I saw the Alien Tank - definitely has potential for 1950s B-movie Sci-fi. What it really needs is a couple of grabbers to hold a scantily-clad Damsel in Distress...

As for walkers, you're right about the geometry - it needs thinking about. What would be nice would be a mechanism that minimised the vertical movement of the walker through the cycle - currently it moves up and down by a block at each pace, which puts a lot of strain on the drive. I've now added suspension between the feet and the lowest swivels, which reduces some of the shock loads, but it is still prone to glitches, and will only walk a few paces at most with invincibility off.
I was this ][close to putting arms on it or a larger one at the time, still might.
I thought I could get rid of some of that vertical movement by introducing more wheels with swivels at 3 & 9 O'clock to make for a smoother transition. I then doubled that up to 16 legs to ensure greater contact with the ground at any one time... but it just went mental and derped out. Entertaining at the time! My brain is still working on it ... even tho I don't want it too :D
The 'starting again from scratch' idea didn't go too well - I ended up with something even glitchier than my initial effort. More legs might well even things out a little, but I'd rather have a quadruped, just for the looks, and I need to keep the weight down anyway. I know from previous experience that trying to move too large a machine with gears can get difficult, because they tend to slip - and it gets even worse when the loading is uneven. Smaller simpler things are usually stronger and more reliable...
Another approach: the Steam-Turbine Elephant. :D

Still rather glitchy, and tends to walk with a limp. Prone to sudden leaps skywards, with fatal results...

I'll upload a bsg if I can cure some of the glitchiness.