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  1. AG47

    AG47 New Member

    -pistons: a slider to change the power of the piston and a slider to change the length of the piston
    -wheel : two mode: one with sliders to change torque and speed and one with the basic speed (like now)
    - slider block: like the pistons, a slider to change lenght
    - ballast: a mode for move the COM using the mouse, clicking where you want to place the COM and it automatically change mass of the ballast.
    -springs: a button "automatic"

    Why not add TGYD's building tools (awesome mod ;-)

    Im sorry for my bad English, im French.
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  2. Sanpyr

    Sanpyr Active Member

    if you use mods, you can make longer pistons already:
    if you use negative value springs, you can make longer pistons, but if you make the spring too strong, it will stay out.
  3. AG47

    AG47 New Member

    Thanks! I didn't know this trick. It works also with the slider?
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  4. Sanpyr

    Sanpyr Active Member

    yes, and suspensions, but unpowered blocks need a push to get them to go out.
    I accidentally discovered it while messing around with springs :p

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