A (incredibly) strong ballista

Hello besiegers of the world!

I made a ballista, but not a common one...
This ballista can easily shoot across the whole map and hit it's target.
The concept is not mine, I saw it on a buggy video and decided to test it on a ballista (and it worked perfectly).
unfortunadely I can't remember the video or the guy's name but I can assure you, this concept is not mine.

Simply download it, aim with the arrow keys and shoot with "5" on your numerical keyboard.
If any stupid guard tries to stop you from bringing chaos to the besiege world, press "1" (numerical keyboard) and set him on fire!

The ballista is super strong, possibly the strongest I have seen. So be careful when shooting or you will miss your target by a couple dozens of meters.
note: the ballista is called "BallistaV2" because the first one didn't end so well... *memories of huge lag passing trough my mind*

The machine sometimes breaks after shooting, but hey, you only have one shot anyways.


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Can't believe even I'm unable to remember the guy who made this XD
BTW is the range of this thing enough to shoot from the complete edge of corner of sandbox to the opposite edge of sandbox?
I believe the awser is yes, tough I have to admit it is really random, and it can change due to the power of
your computer, mine is not the best and it sometimes fail. Even if when I tested it on my FRIEND's computer
it always worked, I suggest slowing time down and taking your time to aim just right so it goes further.
Really? wow, Can you tell me the problem?
You know, details.
I am gonna try my best, but just saying it is bad doesn't help me a lot.
It might not be the strongest ballista ever but I JUST tested and it worked, are you sure you are using it right?
Can you give me more details?
I can get it to shoot really far, but it's hard to aim the projectile motion over long distances. (The stone tower is easy, but farther than that gets tricky.) And while I'm trying to line up the shot, the mechanism tends to rotate slightly to one side, adding to the challenge. This seems to be part of the game's chaotic physics. Perhaps this could be mitigated by using rotating steering blocks instead of wheels or cogs, but I'm not sure.

Also, some of the parts seem unnecessary. What's the point of the two lowest strings that don't propel the bomb, and the the decouplers?
The decouplers, believe it or not, have proven to be effective as "weight holders" (the ballista is heavy, it need stronger materials to support itself, they worked great for me).

The strings that don't propel the bomb are by far, one of the MOST important things on the whole machine (and it was my idea :D) , without them, the combination of great speed and the lack of control push the bomb downwards, exploding immediately after being propeled (hope I explained that right, if you didn't get it, just remove those two strings and watch it not shoot)

Controlling is indeed, very difficult. I am always tring to fix it, but it seems like nothing works "good enough" to hold it
without rotating or swinging. (at least inside the bounding box, without it, you are able to do pretty nice stuff)
Using steering blocks didn't seem to work, should I use more than one? (in different locations of the machine, to provide more stability?)

If you have any ideas to improve this ballista, then try your best, and hopefully we can, together, fix it. :)
wait, what?
you should aim with the arrow keys
the numpad "5" is for shooting, you should hold it for no longer than a second (at 100% in-game speed).
numpad "1" shoots fire to kill any soldiers near and around you, soldiers that might stop you from shooting.

I don't understand what you mean by "when I use the numpad, it barely works."
are you tring to aim with numpad or what? I am not very good with english so you may have to be a little clearer about it. :/
Really? now i'm confused.
I just tested it, didn't work.
Either my computer is too bad to run it, or one of the mods I installed changed that.
(I highly doubt of the second option. Bad news for me, I guess :( )
I guess I will remove those two strings, use steering blocks, and hope that's better for more people than the old way was.
it needs more power is all. search for fireball tank or sth similar then you will find machines that (really) shoot over the whole map
well ill be damned. if you didnt tinker with the gravity to make this, and it always works like this, it is indeed a incerdibly powerful ballista
So, I have been experimenting some stuff, and after a little talk with Ross I found ou that my computer may
be affecting the performance of my machines (sometimes they get worse, sometimes better). For example: this ballista.
It doesn't ALWAYS work like this, and sometimes it shoots even BETTER. (not while I'm recording tough)
This means many of my creations might only work on my computer and some creations that I DOWNLOAD might NOT work at all.
Wich is really sad news for me.

I am sorry I if somehow disappointed you or made you lose your time.
It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope we get to meet again in the forums.