A few things about the new levels

1) The sacred flame, like the wood blocks in ipsilon, can be moved even in editing mode. This will make it better for all you guys who like to finish the levels illegitimately (if changing the game files is too hard for you).

2) the sacred flame can also be turned back on again using a fire source. It doesn't even take its time either. It just bursts into flames the second it touches fire

3) the white chickens can die from height (unlike the older brown chickens that never die)

4) the ice in the sword level can't damage your stuff. it just pushes it away
Chip2222 yeah I just went for the simplest option but there must be tons of cool ways to do it. I used it to build a steam cannon too but that is in my next video. great tip dude! that blue flame makes machines look awesome, especially the mad shadows it throws :)