A few problems I have with besiege.

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    I've had Besiege for about 2 years now and I'm starting to notice a few things I don't like, I figured that I should give feedback on these since I do think Besiege has potential and is already a good game. Anyways feel free to correct me if some of these are dumb but anyways...


    The first problem I have is with level design, for instance, there is one level in Troyberland where you are just trying to navigate through a field of yaks with bombs strapped to them.

    The problem I have with this is that it seems random, too random. I get that these levels are hard to design but with this level, I think they could have done something better with those bomb yaks, not to mention this game kind of advertises itself as a "destroy-the-castles" game but there are (this might sound stupid) not as many castles to destroy as I would have hoped.

    Don't get me wrong, the Duke's plea, the last level of Ipisolon (forgot the name :p), and some others are amazing levels but I just wish they would make more levels like that. Also, the army destroying levels, those are fun. I guess I just wish this game had better level design.

    I mean that sheep killing level was fun, and I appreciate some randomness or emptiness every once in awhile but sometimes I think Besiege takes it too far.

    Another example of bad (or I guess you could say random) level design is that wheel-spinning level, I mean seriously what were you thinking, devs.


    So my second topic to complain about is flight. Flight in Besiege works but, at the same time it should be improved, I guess. This one I need to be careful with because I don't want people to misunderstand me but... here's what I'm saying I guess. So you know how in terms of wheels we have small and large ones, I think we need that for propellers.

    I'm not saying that flight is absolutely terrible without those at the moment but it would be nice to just place a big propeller block rather than stack 4 wheels on top of each other and attach wooden propeller blades to those.

    Also in terms of wings, I think that wing that nobody ever uses, the more wing-ish one... not the square one... the other big one... I think you know what I mean by now so maybe I'm wrong here but it seems like this block is kind of hated and nobody uses it.

    Maybe I'm wrong but I feel whatever it is about this block that people don't like should maybe be fixed.
    Another critique I have about wings is that I think there should be some auto-turning wings, maybe. Wings that don't need you to attach wheel hinges to make your plane turn... just wings with built in turning, at least as an option, that's all I ask.


    So, everyone knows @TheGuysYouDespise for their building tools mod, and rightfully so. That mod is absolutely amazing. In fact, it is so amazing that I think Besiege should include it as part of their game, for multiple reasons.

    The first one being that the code is already there. They could just steal the code right out of that mod and put it in their game. It would be annoying if they didn't give the mod's creator credit or ask them before putting it in the game but they technically don't have to, meaning that if they added the mod into the game, however they did it would be legal and most likely beneficial to the game (unless something got messed up).

    The second reason is that it might make them more money or at least a more sustained fan base. It just seems better since such a mod would allow you to do so much in terms of building. In fact, now that I think about it, it surprises me they haven't done this already.

    The third reason is simply that it would make the game better, I don't think I need to explain this. Building Tools is an awesome mod.

    -The End, I would write something at the bottom but I can't think of anything to write so I'm just going to keep it simple and end this here, where my 4th critique would be, but I don't have a 4th critique so I'm just going to stop writing.-
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    Personally I don't find bomb-yaks that random, like, if you are going from one place to another and somebody wants to stop you, having the bombs move towards you is the logical next step after placing bombs in the way. Not to mention that having only "break this thing" levels would be a little boring.

    I can see what you mean about some of the other being a little random though, but most of them seem to have some sort of effect on the world, and could be interpreted in some way in some story, so personally I find it okay.

    As for propeller blocks, isn't that basically the propeller block? And I don't people dislike the wings, I just don't think they find them useful, or rather find propellers superior. Not completely sure what you mean by auto-turning wings, as in, do you just want them to be wheel-hinges combined with wings, or something else?

    Lastly, building tools can be a bit complicated, and would also raise the skill-barrier, not to mention that they would have to take it into account when designing levels. Maybe if there was a clear divide between stuff made using that, or stuff not using it, like there is now.

    That said, it would probably take a long time to finish, as they would have to have a higher quality-standard than if it's a mod, so they probably want to finish the level-editor + multiverse first, I think.
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    I guess things like the bomb yak thing I wouldn't mind once in awhile, but what I'm trying to say is... there is a very wide gap between the spinning wheel level (the one in Troyberland where literally the only objective is to spin that wheel 3 times in one direction) and The Duke's Plea, you know?

    I wouldn't mind some bomb yak valleys once in awhile but I would much rather have castles to take down epically. Would you rather complete a level where you have to take down a castle so big that just it FALLING could destroy a machine or... a level where sheep are being chucked at you through machines and the only way to stop it is by exploding yaks... I would prefer that 2/3 times (at least) it would be the castle, I guess that's what I'm saying.

    And yes, having a "break this thing" level for most of the levels would be a little boring. But a castle level can be more than that. As I mentioned, what if you had to destry a castle in such a way that it didn't destroy you too, and then fight a small army... or something like that. Again, I'm not asking for these to be EVERY level, but at least half of the levels. And also you could make a mission where IDK, you had to rescue something from a castle? The point is that castles don't just have to be a "destroy this thing level".

    And for propeller blocks, what I meant was that right now all we have in terms of one block that you can place and it will just generate lift is the propeller block. So what I'm asking for here is maybe you could call that the small propeller block and make a medium and large propeller block. Yes, stacking wheels works but it wouldn't work as well as just having blocks that you can place and be done with it.

    As for auto turning wings, I meant like how you can make mechanisms on planes that will make the wings twist a certain way as to make your plane turn... what I meant was maybe make that something that some wings do by default.. now that I think about it that's probably a bad idea since literally nothing else in the game does that but oh well, I guess It's too late to un-suggest that now.

    Now what you said about raising the skill barrier I disagree with. When I first started playing Besiege I would have killed for just something as simple as to be able to move blocks around without moving the whole machine. Actually I think that might decrease the skill barrier. Also, I'm not intending these suggestions for any specific time, definitely not right now.
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    Ah, I see.

    Though I think you mean the flying-block when you say "Propeller block":
    Do you mean a bigger version of it that generates more lift?
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    what ITR means with skill barrier was if they implement the Building Tools in the game, they would have to make the levels extra harder because now you have less limitation on your machines
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    I really don't think they would have to do that, the levels are already hard enough with building tools. But thanks for the explanation.

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