A few forum related issues.


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doglock said:
This whole color scheme is horrendous! Miss the old forum.
Here it looks like white on darkish grey so I personally have no problem with that. White on Pink is a lot worse here.
Especially if it's centered. I'll spend a minute looking for invisible text to then realise I have to look over 10 cm to the right -,-

Oh yeah I'm not sure if it's forum specific, but I never notice it anywhere else...

When I use search and then click a post which sends me to a topic and then automatically scrolls down, I can't scroll up for 3 seconds or so.
Every time I scroll up it pulls the page back down.
Quite annoying :p
I've got more of an annoying issue. My whole text bar is bugged.. it says I have permanently 'automatically' saved context, and I can either restore, or discard (theres nothing here) and I have to, ctr+a delete, to actually be able to type, or it just scrolls my page all the way up. And if I do @(name) it brings my page way up as well. Then as soon as I submit something, it does what you said there. My text bar is just so broken xD


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Ah yeah
When I click discard but don't end up posting anything and refresh it comes up again.
When I click restore and don't end up posting and refresh it also comes up again.
So yeah there's some odd stuff going on with that bar.

The @nickname thing doesn't happen here

I'm starting to think that just setting a very clean simple version of VB like you see everywhere would be easier then fixing all these small little quirks. Never seen a forum bug out like this. It's all small stuff and not a big problem in my opinion, but if it's as weird for everybody it doesn't scream 'professional' so if I were a company I wouldn't want this as my official forum I think...
Yeah, some vergood0d points there. The only difference between you and me, is that I do have some forum permissions. So I've thought it might have been that.