A cannon that shoots AoE electric poles.

The Tesla cannon, as it could be called, would shoot poles that would plant into the ground, rock or even walls. Once planted, the pole covered in copper wire and resistors, would electrocute any enemy from a 1 to 5 meters range from it (Adjusted with slider), wich would kill them. Counting as a block, it would attract knights and serve as a lure. Metal blocks would also be eletrocuted and the heat could result in fires if wood is near.

There would be also be another slider to change how far the pole is shot.

I made a small animation for it, sorry I suck at drawing :p
Seems pretty OP compared to a regular cannon.
Also, remember how this game is supposedly medieval themed with magic involved. Don't you think electricity seems a bit off here?
Well... I guess they didn't. Bollocks. But, you know, copper wires? I don't see them making an appearance >_>
Powering the weapon with magic shmagic would seem more on point.