A-99 Serpens Quad - Designated long-range sniper unit

Successor to a highly experimental quadrotor, this sniper unit features long-distance flight capability, a powerful stabilized turret and motion-dampening rotors - a perfect sharpshooter blend.

  • Dampen: Slightly lowers the amount of thrust the rotors generate - pretty much a cosmetic function, that way you can ensure that Serpens stays on the ground while its main engines are still on.
  • Tilt: Toggles Serpens between hover and plane modes - plane mode can be quickly disengaged if the quad is on an inevitable collision course, rotors should take care of quickly bringing it to a halt.
  • The red buttons are controls for the turret - the turret itself is vulnerable to becoming a pendulum if one fires at the ground at a sharp angle.
  • C toggles between three camera modes - cockpit, chase and turret.

Special thanks to Neutex and CCCanyon for lending me two of their respective designs - the Attitude Indicator and the gyro-stabilized turret, both of which I've adapted for use in Serpens.


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