8up: An 8 block machine to beat all 30 zones!

The new levels rendered my old all-zones machine, Whirled on a String, obsolete. And I'm glad, because it was fun to start from scratch with a new design challenge.

I built 8up entirely in normal build mode (no file editing or mods), and I used the frame rate placement glitch and other building tricks to make it as effective as I could. Interestingly, the flying spirals can completely clip through the starting block without a problem, which lets me place them lower, for a lower center of gravity.

Since I needed two flying spirals anyway to lift the sword, I went with a more conventional and intuitive steering method.

Please give it a test flight! I think you'll have fun with it. :)

Steam Workshop:

BTW, here's the thumbnail. Looks delicious, doesn't it? And that bomb adds some much-needed kick.

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Displayter. said:
speed: 7/10
power: 4/10
handling: 1/10

reference :D lel

Twisted Metal - but doesn't that mean I should've gotten a wish at the end, that goes wrong in horrible and hilarious ways? ;)