4-4-0 Steam Locomotive [Besiege v0.10] -=Nathan`s Creations=-

4-4-0 Steam Locomotive
A new train using the v0.05 blocks.
This train is pretty big, so be careful when placing it down. Also, when placing it down the front wheels will be lower than the back,
this is because the front wheels are on a suspension and they equal out with the rear wheels when you start the simulation.

This video shows it in action, skip to 6:10 to see the clip it's in :D
Here's a shot of the piston mechanics.

I really wanted to test out how I could make a nice looking, realistic train, more focused on the late 1800s era trains, namely the 4-4-0 type locomotive. Now, for all of you who aren't savvy in train talk, that's four lead wheels, four driving wheels, and zero trailing wheels. As a bit of a train nerd, that type of engine is my favorite, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Now, unfortunately in order to squeeze the lead wheels into a realistic position, I had to sacrifice the steering that a real lead truck would give on a 4-4-0, due to me needing suspension on them to compensate for the new large wheel size not lining up with the smaller wheels in terms of block height. If anybody knows how to do it and keep most of my details, please feel free to modify it and send it my way.

The controls are the normal [Up/Down] to go forwards & backwards, [H] is to blow the whistle, and [T] is for the flamethrowers on the front of the train. Yes, I gave it flamethrowers. [C] shoots cannons on the front, for extra defense of course.​

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Tiny Bump, updated it with new details (New smokestack, detailed cab interior, slanted roof, other pointless things) also downloaded multimod so I changed some of the things to have fancy rotations. As well as added cannons, fire with [C].

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one large wheel is 3 blocks in diameter or 1.5 blocks radius and 1 block wide.
one small wheel is 2 blocks in diameter or 1 block radius and 0.5 block wide
if you want a small wheel to be level with a large wheel, you have to put a width of 1 small wheel vertically between the axes of the small and large wheel

I've attached a small example to describe the concept, it's quite easy to understand.

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wheel height xmpl.bsg