21 BOMB perfect fly DRONE designed for multiverse


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it's basically a drone with 21 shots or 20 shots and a kamikaze ending!
except for the spy-cam's baloons the entire machine can fly over the freezing limit.
campaign legal.

Some statistics:
SPEED 7/10
AMMO (bombs) 21
DIFFICULTY 3/10 (it got a lots of keys but most of them are simply switches or bombs)

for this creation i invented my first multiplayer feature because i can't wait for multiverse update ;)
this feature consist in a spy-cam that float in the sky with a camera, is easy to use and i hope will be useful in some kind of apocalyptic multiplayer machine war :)


0 (NUMPAD) : turn on engines (so important)
i : up
k : down
j : turn left
l : turn right
o : driving camera
u : aiming camera (from above)
p : 80% power speed, it could be used like turbo or with engines off (NUMPAD 0) to make a safe landing
arrows : incline the drone in that direction
Z, X, C, V, B, N, F, G, H, R, T, Y, 1-9 (NUMPAD) : DROP BOMBS!!!

how to use SPY-CAMERA: you will gonna have 4 balanced floating balloons that hosts a camera, numbers (not in the NUMPAD) 1,3,5,7 will drop each of camera, while 2,4,6,8 needs to take a look from wherever you want ;)

Hope you enjoy and have fun!
Some screen:



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