2 very necessary blocks for cars

I do not know English well. I hope I was able to competently express their thoughts.

"Shock Absorber"
I read all the suggestions on the forum. And I have not found anything about my idea. Really none of the builders of suspensions for cars did not feel the lack of Dampers. I am trying to maximize vehicle control. But my SUVs are constantly swinging on the bumps due to the lack of shock absorbers. After all, the behavior of the car will noticeably improve if it stops rocking. I do not know how difficult it is to introduce a shock absorber into the game, but you can use a spring combined with a shock absorber. And add a second slider that will adjust the stiffness of the shock absorber. Or a separate unit that can be combined with a spring.

I wish the wheels cling better to the road. As well as tires filled with air. The air pressure in the tires can be adjusted using a separate slider. This is how the spring stiffness, the lower the pressure, the more deformed the wheel. Since the tires can be deformed by the weight of the car. And when cornering, when some of the mass is transferred to the outer wheels, which leads to tire deformation and an increase in the contact area with the road. And also tires are another way to dampen vibrations.

And so let's summarize my idea.
In order to significantly improve management, we need 3 components:

The first: and the most significant is Shock Absorbers. The car will not rock, therefore it will be better to keep the road.
The second: improved road contact with the road due to a better material such as rubber.
Third: the addition of wheels with tires filled with air, as another element of the fight against vibrations.