[1P] Valley of Kings - Canyon Flight Run


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Escape! But stay within the restricted height!

Watch Brammer001 play!

This is actually my first level I created with the Level Editor. The objective is pretty simple and easy to build. Taking inspiration from recurring gameplay feature in the Ace Combat games, canyon flight is a test for pilot to fly their aircraft at very low altitude through a series of canyons or ravines in order to avoid intense enemy anti-aircraft defenses blanketing the airspace above.

The reason why I call this Valley of Kings even though it doesn't even resembles said the valley from Ace Combat Zero was because I proceed to build Avalon Dam after this and I like if these two level were connected.

Mission Objective:
☑ Escape from the valley

Suggested plane criteria: slow cruising speed and good roll capability.
Go to playlist mode if you want to use machine included in the level:
F-16 by eriyo2000
F-15 by Brammer001

Plane Default Arcade Two-Hand Controls --
  • Pitch: Up/Down
  • Roll:Left/Right
  • Yaw: A/D (Must use one of camera modes)
  • Accelerate/Decelerate: W/S (Must use one of camera modes)
  • Unpin: C
  • Respawn: Enter

Plane Alternative One-Hand Controls --
  • Pitch: T/G
  • Roll: F/H
  • Yaw:R/Y
  • Accelerate/Decelerate: Z/X
  • Unpin: C
  • Respawn: Enter

Camera modes --
  • Third Person: 1
  • Cockpit view: 2
Object Count: 803
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