[1P] Bulan Sabit Bay - Crater Beach Run


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This is a playground level set in a tropical island where you can enter several races course and try to break the records.
In collaboration with Brammer001.


Level inspiration largely from Panau, the fictional nation in Just Cause 2. Bulan Sabit simply means crescent moon in Panau's official language.


Enter the race course from the special colored build zones on the beach.

The course is a fairly short but fun and hectic race through the air or on land, featuring beautiful scenery and interesting obstacles.
Contain two machines for the challenge:
Pell Silverbolt 6 by AITF
Audarri XV-02 by Brammer001

Mission Objective:
☑ Race around the island using vehicle and submit to the leaderboard!

Object count: 1532

Download from workshop!