1001 Fun things to do around Besiege

63) Build a catapult
64) Build a catapult that can hurl the previous catapult
65) Build a rock crawler that can climb the mountains in "The Dukes Plea",
66) Upload your creations to the forum
67) Habitually check the forums to see if anyone noticed your creations
68) Build a bomb that can wipe out all the knights in "The queens fodder"
69) Feel ashamed and horrified when you succeed.
Use whatever number guys, I'll just fix the rest of the number at the wiki page, here is the fixed sequences (i ignored some of the -off stuff)

133: Watch Pewdiepie trying to solve zone 20 while controlling your patience at the same time
134: Exchanging flames with someone on terra-tech forum
135: Ponder a little about how the mechanics has substantially Improved in Tolbrynd
136: Realised ITR just changed the title, have to take responsibility to the next level
137: Complain that the forum doesn't accept tolbrynd as a real word
138: Make a steam review of besiege that include S*x jokes
139: Regret google image searching besiege
140: Changed profile picture with personal banner after seeing someone with a coo' dragon banner, created a trend by accident
141: Realised besiege most famous machine is a Hitler Gassing machine, second most famous is a D-joke machine (the more you know)
144 : Try making a bridge in scouts of tolbrynd
145 : Watch it break
146 : Turn on invincible mode, watch it fly into the distance
147 : Turn off your computer and walk away
148. Come back motivated by the Shia Laboeuf video and make a bridge between the 4 freighters in The Duke's dear freighters
149. Watch the freighters break
150. Give up
151. Give up 2
152. Spend the rest of your life fanboying over Shia Labeouf


153.woreship Shia Labeouf (yeah i know this is messed up crap....)
154.hang self using simple rope+winch
155.stab self using a not-working-but-sharp grabber and bleed to death
156.make toilet and drown in it (laughs while typing)
157.make a bigger toilet and take a dump in it (laughs harder)
158.quit job to have more time to play besiege
159.WTF im i saying!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?
160.poop out mouth in toilet(laughs so hard that i start losing stability like LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)
161.reliase im trolling the forums*insert trollface* so you rage quit


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