1001 Fun things to do around Besiege

11. Build something awesome, make and post a video about it, then keep the .bsg file to yourself.
12. Post a machine without even as much as an image included.
13. Make 3 or more entries to a challenge.
14. Place whatever you built inside of the smasher in the sandbox, start the animation, slow down time, then feast your eyes.
15. Install a mod incorrectly, then proceed to complain about it not working.
16. Build a machine that requires mods to work properly. Make it your precious little secret.
17. Start a suggestion thread. Watch it turn into a battle over religious beliefs.
18. Fail to understand the physics of this game.
19. Build something that requires invincible mode. Imply it can complete every single level.



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Spirit Of Nature said:
4. Suggest a water level in the forum
5. Complain about people who suggest water level
Laughed my arse off ^^

On a more serious note, a list could be really interesting to see what everyone does in Besiege!
20. Build a very cool machine and email it to the youtubers and upload everywhere after photo edits, vid eyc, then realise you forgot to save the machine. 21: Spam bombs within a single block 22. Spam everything within a single block 23.Make a 300 block machine that maneuvers more poorly than a newbie's skateboard and launches a grenade 10 ft.
24. Design a beautiful flying machine, start simulation and 9/10 times it explodes upon starting.
25. Make a boat. Realize there is no water.
26. Attach propellers to boat so it doesn't seem like a waste of time.
27. refer to point 24 in terms of the boat.
28. Try to rebuild a Core-Tank
29. Realize that your tank looks a lot like the Juggernaut because you studied it to much
30. Launch it and be embarrassed because it doesn't work nearly as well as you thought
31. Give up on trying to make it work after you spent 2 hours on it
32. Play multiplayer with a friend
33. Make a spider-tank
34. Build a human shaped tank thing
35. Post a video featuring someones mod
36. Post another video featuring someones mod
37. Build an over-complex and under-powered steam helicopter that usually disintegrates before it gets off the ground. And if it doesn't, disintegrates soon after. And if it doesn't do that, veers off out of control and crashes (I'd not got around to actually installing flight controls). And if it doesn't do that, self-extinguishes, and plummets downwards spraying water...

This is about as high as I ever got it:

Igor Sikorsky is autorotating in his grave...


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38. put cannons inside each other and watch it fly:

39: Click the boat-easter-egg
40: Enter the monthly challenge
41: Shameless self-promotion

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43. Cras-[Besiege_has encountered_an_ unexpected _ problem]
44. Use ITR's no-bounds mod and try to make a ballast have minus weight
45. Use 44 to rip apart space time
46. Profit
done 1, 2, 3, 12, 24, 33, 40, 41, 43

47. Build something that you think doesn't require mods, only to realize it does.
48. Build a machine to carry the knights around with.
49. Turn said machine into a torture device.
50. Try to move your machine but forget to take out the grid and end up in a place far away from the map.
51. Try to make a building and crashing besiege once the simulation is started because your computer can't handle it.
52. Try being peaceful with the peasants and end up making a torture device.
53. Watch tons of besiege videos to get inspiration and open besiege only to make the same ugly car that you always build.
54. Use that ugly car to kill the peasants on the sandbox level for the 8650273th time.
55. try to move that ugly car and end up repeating number 50.
56. running out of idea's for a list of 101 fun things to do around besiege.
57. Repeat number 1 to number 49 to feel happy again.
58. Do the chicken challenge.
59. Number 41.


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60. Try to play Besiege during office hours and while the boss is not around.
61. Try to miserably beg for your job when caught playing Besiege during office hours.
62. Start looking for a rehab for Besiege addicts.
63. Make a list of 101 fun things to do around Besiege
64. Play with the game muted because sheep make you want to pour acid in your ear canals
65. Spend dozens of hours building a mech thats pretty good at being a mech and nothing else.
66. Cringe as some youtuber fumbles around with it after reading the directions for 30 seconds
67. Spend hours operating your machine as you build/test it ...then wonder why people say its kinda hard to use.
68. Hear on the interwebs that core88 is a girl....wonder what she looks like
69. Send terrible private messages to forum spammers
70. Feel self important enough to post teasers for your machines
71. Yearn for praise from fellow besiegers when you post a machine
72. Have someone post a machine over yours in a sub-forum right after you post yours ...immediately begin thinking of legit sounding reasons to bump your post