1001 Best things to do around Besiege, Now with less Troll

254. Make your own banner.
255. Drop your machine on a castle.
256. Ignore the fact that there are duplicate posts.
257. Build the same part of a machine four times and then blow it up in frustration because you don't have mods.
258. Install mods because you don't have long to use them.
259. Wait for update 0.12 while you build explosive machines.
260. Redo you banner.
261. Make a list of things to do around Besiege and post it here.
262. Make sure you've stopped at an even number.
263. Try making a plane and fail, then load it with bombs and drive it into the castle.
264. Make something that spins around in a mesmerizing way.
265. spend hours looking that the spinning.
266. Make a machine that uses peasants to stabilize it then run over some knights because they aren't doing their job.
269.Pixelart your own banner
270.Try to stop the spin of the kung fu spinning top thing
272.Make it your nemesis
273.Mix all your creations in one go
274.Crash your computer because there is so many
275.Start them one by one instead
276.Realize you cant destroy it
277.*Kung fu throws fire ball back at you*
279.Realize there is 2 277's
280.Download No bounds mod
281.Make your computer go boom
282.Try to make a kung fu robot like FrizB
283.Make a ugly robot that can barely blance
284.Burn it
285.Rip it apart
Wouldn't work. Draegast doesn't really read the controls, just scans them real quick and tries to find them out in-game (like most people do).
288. Return to this forum after two years, just to check how everythings looking
289. Be surprised by none other than displayter. as you see his apoligy

I hope everyone who sees this has at least as much fun with this game and the community surrounding it as I did.