1001 Best things to do around Besiege, Now with less Troll

See my reply to your post on an ancient thread, can't believe you actually check the old threads XD

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    It depends, Displayter. We want people to participate in the chat room and discuss Besiege, but we can't tolerate spammers or any annoyance. We'd be happy to see you in the slack team if you are willng to vow the Besieger's code I just came up with now.

    Fellow Besieger, do you solemnly swear to be loyal to all members and respectful to higher status, as well as exchange your insight and knowledge of Besiege with all worthy of it?

241. Have no idea what a banner is
242. Feel ashamed of yourself for not participating well in the Besiege Community
243. Cry that you can't make a machine that can pick up one soldier
244. Realize that displayter had been such an annoying user all this time and realize that he commented on my channel and made rude comments indirectly
245. Seriously get back to making more lists
246. Try to figure out by yourself how to make spoilers in posts
247. Find yourself making lists very irrelevant to Besiege
248. Wait for Unity 5
249. Recreate the entire Harry Potter series with sheep for the actors.
250. Place 250 pistons together and see what happens
251. Place 250 pistons together, drag a knight on top, and see what happens.
252. Stop reading this list, nothing insightful down there.