[1-8P] Yinshi Valley - Treasure Hunting


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This is a treasure hunting flight level based from Yinshi Valley from Ace Combat 7. Yinshi Valley is a mountainous region in the center of the Usean continent, northeast of Los Canas. Yinshi's rock pillars are based on the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan, China.

Pickup box are scattered around the level and you must fly to acquire it. Each box grants you 6% while respawning cost you 10%

Mission Objective:
☑ Grab as many pickup box as you can and get to 100% before the enemy in 3 minutes.

Tips: Attack the enemy and drop their progress by 10% when they respawn.

Download from workshop
Object count: 1033


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i don't think it considered a sandbox level if it has THIS much insignias
it can be played in single player if you playing alone, coop if you and your buddy on the same team, or pvp if you choose different team. so instead of reposting it to every subforum, i decided to place it on sandbox because it does allowing the player to play this level as the player desires.