【Building Challenge!】Longest Rail Road Model Railroad

Hey guys let's have some fun from childhood!
This Challenge requires you to build a long, long railroad with a train that is under 1000 blocks!
If you have got that, upload your image (Gif will be great!) and your .bsg here XD
Allows you to use any original blocks! Include Pins! (means no Home-Made 100 unit long block)
Allows you to use any Mods and Magics (Because it will not be useful to re-size your railroad on your computer when it won't work on ours ;) )
Allows any god mode (but plz do not make something like cannon-jet flying train(though it is available to use cannons to let your rail road float))

Since your train can run on your Rail road to the end and fall on the ground, it will be valid to join this challenge!(PLZ do not make something that can hold your train forever and go around)
I will make another mod to measure distance(Welcome any modders to make this kind of mod before me)

Idea By stuChris
Example of a short train:

Also welcome for ideas like scenery, stations, villages, etc.
More burdened is also great! Take your passengers/Bricks/Animals to the station!
(Allow Level Editor Mod ^)

​^Rules will change if needs, Please remind that


Have Child Hood FUN!

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the idea of the challange is to have the smallest track-pieces that way you get a longer railroad, thats why this is the "Model Railroad" challenge (allthough it doesnt say that, thats what its supposed to be)
also, theres a optional challange for best looking railroad ie: scenery, stations, villages, etc.
and theres a optional challange for most burdened for the train that holds the most stuff ie: passengers, trees/logs, bricks, etc.


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Wait, so what's the challenge? Use 1000 blocks to travel the furthest without flying or touching the ground?
you need to build the smallest track possible for trains to roll on, without using rezise mod or block mods (except cockpit)

also, i would prefer standard track ie not monorail, however there can be an optional challenge for that
here's my entry but since the level editing mod doesn't work yet on the 2.0 version of besiege i only made the machine not the level
when the 2.0 version for the mod will go out i'll update my entry and make a level for it
heres the bsg file no invincibility needed even if a the end without it, it may lose a few parts
i didnt bsg edit any of my machine
block count exactly 1000

super monorail.bsg

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super monorail.bsg
I think its because i tried to attach a bsg file
2 times accidently but it mixed up whith an image i tried to attach
Should be fixed now
But you can still see 2 downloads
They're the same
also, just if anyone doesnt know, the challenge is to build the smallest train with the longest railroad, ie: you want small track that is lengthy, and small trains to go on them