1. CCCanyon

    Junkers JU 87 B-2 Stuka Deluxe

    The deluxe big Stuka with details, Luftwaffe insignia and swastika. 349 blocks Dual power x7 canons Large AoE Bomb Control: Flight: R T Y F G H --- pitch, roll, yaw L-Ctrl --- start engine X, Z --- ac/decelerate Cams & Weapon: 1 2 / 4 5 --- cameras B --- bomb U--- guns, single shot...
  2. CCCanyon

    Junkers JU 87 Stuka

    There's a upcoming Shadé video that has lots of Stukas. I participated the collaboration but this is not one of them. It's the second Stuka I built just for fun. Thanks to VermilionBoulderIndividual for recording an arch fly through trial. 230 blocks Dual power x5 canons Large AoE Bomb...
  3. mohammad(asd)

    XR 92 A

    The Convair XF-92 (originally designated XP-92) was an early American delta-wing aircraft. Originally conceived as a point-defense interceptor, the design was later used purely for experimental purposes controlls and download link = WORKSHOP
  4. mohammad(asd)

    Fokker dr 1

    Fokker dr 1 z = start engine arrow keys = controll plane 1 and 2 = drop bombs c = canons r and y = yaw f = camera DOWNLOAD = http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898789628
  5. CCCanyon

    Yakovlev Yak9 WWII Fighter

    Russia's best fighter at that time. Dual power x3.0 cannons 197 Blocks Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Left ctrl --- start engine Z, X --- ac/decelerate C, V --- landing gears L-alt, R-ctrl --- yaw 1 2 3 --- cameras Shift --- cannons center keyboard control: R T Y...
  6. RCrockin/rockyfighter8

    Jadgpanther tank Destroyer

    It has been requested many time that i make a Hetzer tank destroy unfortunately due to the nature of how it suspension works I cannot model it along with the added difficulty of its profile so i decided to build the next best thing. Using the suspension of my previous tiger i extended it by the...