1. T

    Workshop Legal Agreement - Creation Upload

    I have been trying to upload a creation to the Steam Workshop and get an error message each time. Despite having owned Besiege for over a year, this is my first attempt at uploading something. I am able to successfully subscribe to, download, and use other peoples' workshop creations, and...
  2. Ross

    Building a plane in v0.01!

    I downloaded Besiege v0.01, the very first version, and built the best airplane I could in it. The result is a plane that's surprisingly useful in small levels that require precise maneuvering, and also good for sightseeing in new maps. Since I actually built it in the first version, and it...
  3. EatThatPie

    A "vanilla" tag for machines in the workshop

    Im one of the guys that is more impressed with a 100% vanilla working 4-legged walker than a gigantic multiple-joint mech from pacific rim if its made with mods. This is why I want a "vanilla" tag for machines in the workshop. I dont think you should be able to select this tag youself. (because...
  4. S

    All Thumbnails and skins are red and white!

    Hi I am new to the forum. Besiege works perfectly on my PC but on my son's it randomly stopped loading any skins. They all appear the same, a kind of red and white stripe. Also in the saved machines there are no longer any thumbnails, just big pixelated red question marks? I reinstalled the...
  5. Anadoptedson

    Updating Map on workshop Taking away all tags.

    When I updated a map I didn't realize it would need me to re click the tags. After seeing it didn't have any, I went back to update again. When I update and have the tags clicked, it says finished and takes me to the page, however it does not have any tags besides levels. I tried changing the...
  6. Sanpyr

    downloading workshop machines without steam?

    ok, so for a while I've been trying to figure out how some of Neon Diflouride's Machines work, because i'd like to figure out how the glitches that they use work, specifically the Death Caster: (, the Explosive Flying Cake...
  7. DogeCena

    UEF Tier 2 Gunship - The Stinger

    The Stinger is a hovering gunship from the Supreme Commander/Supreme Commander Forged Alliance RTS. It belongs to one of the four factions, the UEF. It is equipped with a Hell's Fury Riot Gun and does not do splash damage, however it is very effective against single target and is often used to...
  8. B

    Buged workshop screen underground

    I tried multiple times to upload a creation to the workshop, always resultig in error. then i tried to play with the machine i just tried to upload and then i saw this underground:
  9. Redstoneman

    Cannot upload anything to steam workshop (nor update existing items)

    Exactly what the title says. Trying to upload anything to the workshop ends with an in-game steam popup saying "Unexpected Error, please try again later" This often yields a blank item with no name being uploaded to the workshop. It "weighs" nothing, has no image, just nothing. I can still...