1. mohammad(asd)

    AVRO 730 Strategic Bomber

    developed by Avro Aircraft for the Royal Air Force (RAF). It had been originally envisioned as a very high-speed aircraft to perform aerial reconnaissance missions, conforming with the requirements of Air Ministry Specification OR.330. Avro subsequently decided to modify the design of the...
  2. TheHOTSHOT_101

    Aero Dynamic Propeller (angle fix)

    Can you guys help me, I've d been playing Beasiege for a long time but I'm always havign trouble to make the wing stable/ have the 0 degree angle of attack, so my question is what is the fixed angel of atttack of he "aero Dynamic Prop." I am using TGYD's building mod and I cant seems to have the...
  3. Stellaris

    How do propellers exactly work?

    Hi, at the moment I am learning how to build aircrafts (big thanks to @Shade here). What still is a mystery to me, is how to create enough uplift for your machine while maintaining vertical stability but without putting hundrets of propellers onto it (it wouldn't look like a real aircraft...
  4. AxeSlash

    Various bug reports

    People, please post if you are able to replicate these bugs/have the same issues; more people suffering from these = higher up the priority list it should go for the devs. My info: Latest Besiege ver (0.32 I think off the top of my head? - it's from Steam, anyway, and is up to date) Machine is...