1. Ross

    Rapid loop timer on wheel locks up game in v1.02

    I attached a simple demo machine. When you press "B" to start the timer, it's supposed to tap the forward button on the wheel every 0.01 seconds, but it quickly freezes the game. It didn't do this in v1.01. If you set the timer to work every 1.00 second instead, it doesn't lock up the game...
  2. I am lombard

    Vintage wheel skin?

    i am making a 1920-1930's car, does anyone know if there are skins for the wheels?
  3. Sanpyr

    how to (properly) use sawblades as wheels!

    ok, so, to do this, you will probably need TGYD's Building Tools (link: http://forum.spiderlinggames.co.uk/index.php?threads/tgyd-s-building-tools-spaar-s-mod-loader-for-v0-45.2806/) and the Simple Collider Displayer Mod, (link...
  4. Doctype

    [POLL] Do you want Zone 26 (Odd Contraption) removed?

    This has to be the most useless level ever :/ It poses no challenge, and basically just takes up space. There are a few levels like this throughout the game but none of them are as useless as this level is. I'm just trying to give some criticism here, this level sucks, I hate to say it...
  5. E

    Questions on Motor wheel

    hello there! im new at game and forum. i couldnt find any info about advanced options on motor wheels. what does 'toggle mode' means? what is automatic? if there is any site or page or even a video can you suggest it or can you tell me about them. thanks!
  6. Swagaroni Macaroni

    Giant Chopper Motorcycle

    Here is a link to Besiegedownloads.com, you will find more info about the machine there http://besiegedownloads.com/machine/31994