1. DogeCena

    UEF Tier 2 Gunship - The Stinger

    The Stinger is a hovering gunship from the Supreme Commander/Supreme Commander Forged Alliance RTS. It belongs to one of the four factions, the UEF. It is equipped with a Hell's Fury Riot Gun and does not do splash damage, however it is very effective against single target and is often used to...
  2. DogeCena

    Machine Gun Help

    I'm making a creation that requires a minigun and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for miniguns.
  3. Michio_Kisaragi


    Almost full bombproof and totally fireproof warmachine. Prepare yourself to enjoy the beauty of eternal cruel brutal epic destructions. ATTENSION!!! Needs Blockspawn-block mod CONTROLS: 1. Vehicle controls. UP - FORWARD DOWN -...