1. svetli97

    Robot driving a car

    I made a car that can be driven by a simple robot.
  2. CCCanyon

    Cat Pickup --- Pick Up This Cat!

    A pickup with cat face. Cute cat face 177 blocks Japanese begginer driver's sign theme Working steering wheel Top speed 260 km/h Control: Arrow keys / TFGH L-shift / Z X C --- boost 1 2 3 / R Y --- camera views Version time-lapse. Also available at: Steam besiegedownloads
  3. RCrockin/rockyfighter8

    PZkpfw V panther [Medium Tank]

    This is my most requested tank to make next to the Maus and t34. that being said i have given this tank the justice it deserves. with and extreme amount of detail and realism. The panther was the German Reaction to the Russian t34 when the Panzer IV was deemed unable to compete with them. There...
  4. magictgboy

    Besiege vehicle engine thread

    How do i build a compact engine without powered wheels or cogs? Preferably in the silver areas. sry for crappy mobile design don't have mods. Help appreciated!