1. CCCanyon

    Notes on Automation Block Stabilization Blog Posts

    The first article talks about tracker-based PID controller: https://cccanyonbesiege.blogspot.com/2020/03/besiege-notes-on-automation-block.html The second is about implementations on bikes, cars, and Ekranoplans...
  2. DJSigmann

    Multiverse Update and mod functionality workaround

    NOTE: THIS POST IS OBSOLETE IF YOU ONLY USE STEAM WORKSHOP MODS But in case anyone benefits from it for whatever reason, and nOsTaLgIa, I'll still reply to any comments, albeit not very punctually. Protip: You can have both the Multiverse version as well as the previousbuild versions installed...
  3. CCCanyon

    Automatic Stabilization thru Vector Entanglement Tutorial

    The 2-dimensional vector entanglement technique learnt from the guide Levitation through Vector Entanglement by Neon. Done!! Test 1, without gyro damper: Test 2, with gyro damper: Stabilizer in practice: CCC-80 The stabilizer can be quite small. I chose the tail fin to be the...
  4. RCrockin/rockyfighter8

    RCrockin/Rockyfighter8's tank making stream

    I'm always asked how do I build such machines with such quality. The honest answer is Ii have no clue its just natural to me. It has also been asked several times on how I get my suspension to such quality.... So after here about official senior skip day at my school I decided it would be the...
  5. CCCanyon

    CCC-61 Attack Helicopter, Vanilla

    Vanilla RTC cyclic & collective control coaxial helicopter. Built without mod and intersection glitch. The swash plate was developed by VermilionBoulderIndividual. The height is 1 block shorter than CCC-48V, looks much better and it's properly weoponized. Block count 166. 2 rockets and 2...
  6. CCCanyon

    Tutorial Of The 6-Block RTC & Variation

    Used Mods: Lench's Easy Scale Mod TGYD's Building Tools Mod: How To Use Mods: Spaar's Mod Loader Scales: Standard version (the middle one) pivot hinge: (0.5, 1.0, 1.0) ballast: (0.5, 1.0, 0.5) pistons: (0.4, 0.4, 0.4) small hinges: (0.4, 0.4, 0.4) Small version (the left one) pivot hinge...
  7. CCCanyon

    Symmetry Tool Vanilla Building Trick

    The symmetry tool debuted in v0.32 update is a great help to vanilla building. I can insert blocks into another using supports. It was a painstaking process before. This recording is how I fix the brace overlapping glitter on my SFP-V30 with the symmetry tool. The video editing is crap because...
  8. wang_w571

    Super Simple Click On Explosion Mod[and Tutorial][0.32]

    Meow this is more like a tutorial(in chinese) rather just a mod I will upgrade this mod in the future but the code's comment will not be update :S Hold Ctrl and click to deploy single bombs Hold Shift and Hold Mouse to continuous deploy bombs Code is here
  9. CCCanyon

    Default Texture Mapping Files (UV layout)

    For ones don't use a 3D editing software and want to create your own skin pack with new textures. Before I learnt how to use the 3D software Blender, I had a hard time figuring out the where the model maps to the texture image. So I used Blender to get all the blocks' Texture Mappings (UV...