1. superWither123

    Anti-Air Tank

    This is one of my most successful vehicles. It is quite good, can be used to shoot enemy airships. You can control it with the keys: Right Shift key: go forward in the left wheel row. Right Ctrl key: go backwards in the left wheel row. Up arrow: go forward in the right wheel row. Down arrow: go...
  2. CCCanyon

    Vanilla Tractor Truck

    Vanilla tractor truck Built using frame rate intersection glitch and symmetric tool cog 0.125 placement. Watch those vanilla techniques here. Vanilla, created in game without mods Solid axle suspension RTC steering with suspension 322 blocks Openable doors and various details Foldable ramp...
  3. CCCanyon

    ORC 28 Flying Truck

    It's a off-road truck by all meanings XD I put the VEL engine on a 2-axis gimbal. It flies to the right direction no matter how wobbly it became. (VEL engine v3.5) 180 blocks Vector entanglement levitation engine Self stabilized Ice-proof Control: Arrow keys L-ctrl --- toggle flight Z X...
  4. CCCanyon

    IT-35 Cargoboi --- Articulated Tracked Vehicle

    Thanks to Fnom3 for giving it a catchy name. It drives around and that's all. 674 Blocks, recommended time scale 20% to 50% Detailed interior Durable tracks Control: Arrowkeys --- drive 1 2 3 4 --- cameras Also available at: Steam Besiegedownloads
  5. CCCanyon

    Cat Pickup --- Pick Up This Cat!

    A pickup with cat face. Cute cat face 177 blocks Japanese begginer driver's sign theme Working steering wheel Top speed 260 km/h Control: Arrow keys / TFGH L-shift / Z X C --- boost 1 2 3 / R Y --- camera views Version time-lapse. Also available at: Steam besiegedownloads
  6. CCCanyon

    Vanilla Crane Truck

    As TGYD's Building Tool mod is currently broken, I built something vanilla and trying to use the new log block. Countless frame rate intersection glitch trick (ignore intersection) was used. Also the 0.125 block placement trick (0.25 placements are done by doing it twice). Independent hydraulic...