1. CCCanyon

    All-Axis Gun Stabilized Tank GSC-30

    3-Axis Gun Stab --- Lock on Your Target After nearly a year, I've finally able to create another advanced gun stab tank thanks to Neon's discovery on the Vector Entanglement glitch and Blitsplatapus' tank track tutorial 300 Blocks 3-Axis gun stabilization via vector entanglement Power x7.0...
  2. WillPlayerBrasil

    Tartaruga Mk.I - Heavy tank

    "Tartaruga Mk.I" (or Turtle Mk.I in english) is a heavy tank with more focus on drilling enemy armor, the cannon has x10.00 was a suggestion sent by blitsplatsgaming (he created the cannon and I customized), now speaking More Of the shield, the front as in most of my tanks is tilted to a few...
  3. WillPlayerBrasil

    TM-1 - 8x8 Tank

    TM-1 comes from the Portuguese name "Tanque Medio", which means "medium tank", the TM-1 has more focus on speed and agility than on the shield, has a cannon with force x5.00 and 70% protection with angles Obtuse At the front of the tower and the body. Controls: Turn left/right: F and G...
  4. TheBesiegeEngineer

    How do i tank

    ok so im building a certain machine that happens to use tank tracks in an odd and horribly frustrating way when it comes to building. basically the tracks are similar to those of a scorpion tank from halo but the machine isnt the scorpion tanks but that shouldnt matter what i tried was building...
  5. WillPlayerBrasil

    STP-1 - Tanque Pesado/Heavy Tank

    Cannon : x5.00 Power Wheels : x1.00 Speed
  6. DeusExMachina

    Stabile Pallet v.3M

    -Upgraded constant wheels connection -Reinstalled suspansion system http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=907885264
  7. DeusExMachina

    Stabile Pallet [v.2M]

    -Press ''H'' lock for pallets. -Pallets Controller: Arrow Keys This product created, bring a solution stability problems in stored pallets. For pallets to become Stabile must move together with gear wheels and strength of the parts must be high. It is possible to provide this with various...
  8. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege P-1000 Ratte Landkreuzer

    Since I build the maus, some people has requested me to build the ratte which Is the largest tank ever design, for those who didn't know about the ratte tank, here's a information that I just copy from Wikipedia, proposed by Krupp director Edward Grotte in June 1942, who had already named it...
  9. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege APAX-4 IFV Stray Cat

    The Stray cat tank is more like of an infantry support and a reconnaissance vehicle because of it's size and good mobility and speed, perfect for scouting, and it has a quite powerful gun that has an x7.65 of power that I commonly used for my previous tanks, it should be x10.00 of power when I...
  10. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Sheer heart attack (Jojo Bizzare Adventure: Part 4 Diamond is unbreakable)

    For does who are the fan of the Jojo series, here's a second bomb of the killer queen sheer heart attack, I hope like this kind of fan made, and I hope you enjoy on this. Skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a8aioz8sz8qjqod/SHEERHEARTATTACK.rar Controls: Arrow keys - move Right Ctrl - Dash T...
  11. RCrockin/rockyfighter8

    RCrockin/Rockyfighter8's tank making stream

    I'm always asked how do I build such machines with such quality. The honest answer is Ii have no clue its just natural to me. It has also been asked several times on how I get my suspension to such quality.... So after here about official senior skip day at my school I decided it would be the...
  12. RCrockin/rockyfighter8

    PZkpfw V panther [Medium Tank]

    This is my most requested tank to make next to the Maus and t34. that being said i have given this tank the justice it deserves. with and extreme amount of detail and realism. The panther was the German Reaction to the Russian t34 when the Panzer IV was deemed unable to compete with them. There...
  13. CCCanyon


    This time I build like a platypus XD. It is inspired by Blitsplatapus' fascinating armored vehicles. I've always want my own armored ground vehicle and here it is. I use quite a lot building techniques from Blitsplatapus' tanks and APVs. 200 blocks Power x6.0 cannon Independent suspensions...
  14. Vasily Degtyarev

    MBT «MilkMuss» M47-18 (NO MODS)

    MBT «MilkMuss» M47-18 - ваниль SPA средний с фиксированной башней. Действительно, такая машина достойно управлять только Боги. ACS Башня не перемещается в горизонтальной плоскости. Прицеливание поворотом корпуса. Новое шасси стало более быстрым и маневренным, и увеличенной дальностью стрельбы...
  15. RCrockin/rockyfighter8

    AMX 50 B [Heavy tank] [Autoloader]

    The AMX 50 B was the french attempt at a close range support tank for infantry and main battle tanks the tank was ordered to weight at least 50 tons and to fire at least 120mm shells. by the end of the project this is the tank churned out with an 8 interleaving road-wheels, tortion-bar...
  16. RCrockin/rockyfighter8

    Tog II heavy tank

    The TOGII was a prototype British Tank developed on the outbreak of WWII in anticipation that it would soon break into trench warfare again when it did not the project was canceled. The TOGII was developed of the original WWI MkI, MKII, and MKIII tanks it was given a elongated chassis, separated...

    Mark1 Heavy Tank

    I've inspired by this tank and I like it, so I decide to build it on Besiege . not to much I need to say, but I need your guys to test this tank. if there something missing in this tank just say it, I might can fix it. Controls: -Move: Arrow Keys -Turrets Turn: T, F, G, H, R, Y -First Person...
  18. RCrockin/rockyfighter8

    Jadgpanther tank Destroyer

    It has been requested many time that i make a Hetzer tank destroy unfortunately due to the nature of how it suspension works I cannot model it along with the added difficulty of its profile so i decided to build the next best thing. Using the suspension of my previous tiger i extended it by the...
  19. Vasily Degtyarev

    MBT «Nerval» M-63

    Средний танк-диапазона (классифицируется так , потому что длина инструментов '' нет комментариев '') «Nerval» М-63. Это мой первый танк, и я положил его стягиваются гусеницу. Примитивный башни подвеска и рулевой механизм. Ссылка для на Steam...