1. CCCanyon

    Cat Helicopter! Kamov Ka-25c Hormone

    Poor-made replica with cat face. Idea taken from eriyo2000's scrapped ka-25. Thanks to redstoneman for helping me over the cat face. Realistiic cyclic and collective controlI. Ice-proof. 195 Blocks. Tough landing gears. Cat face. Control: Arrow keys --- pitch, roll (move around) Z, X...
  2. CCCanyon

    CCC-61 Attack Helicopter, Vanilla

    Vanilla RTC cyclic & collective control coaxial helicopter. Built without mod and intersection glitch. The swash plate was developed by VermilionBoulderIndividual. The height is 1 block shorter than CCC-48V, looks much better and it's properly weoponized. Block count 166. 2 rockets and 2...
  3. RCrockin/rockyfighter8

    Hornet MKIII [Swash plate] [Heavy attack helicopter]

    This is the 3rd development of my Attack helicopters this Helicopter has the most a danced devices including a swash plate, front mounted 30mm cannon, 2 ATGM short range (air to ground missiles), 2 ATGM long range missiles, cockpit with a Navigation wheel, YAW rotary, folding landing gear, and...
  4. [UTT] Narzu

    Helicopters & realistic swashplates

    Hello guys, I'm quite new to the forum but there is a start for everything, I've been playing this game for maybe a year and i'm building mostly helicopters and recently I started using mods because precision placement & scaling make crazy things possible! Here is my last baby :) (you can...