1. M

    Jeep Jeep

    IDK if this forum is still going but I hope someone will see it xD it is a jeep which is quite realistic I think hope you gonna have some fun no mods used btw
  2. CCCanyon

    Vanilla Tractor Truck

    Vanilla tractor truck Built using frame rate intersection glitch and symmetric tool cog 0.125 placement. Watch those vanilla techniques here. Vanilla, created in game without mods Solid axle suspension RTC steering with suspension 322 blocks Openable doors and various details Foldable ramp...
  3. AxeSlash

    Grave Digger (monster truck)

    There are a lot of Besiege monster trucks knocking around, but I've been disappointed by how innacurate they are to the real thing - both in terms of aesthetics and mechanisms. This is a replica of the famous Grave Digger monster truck - as accurate as I can make it in Besiege at the moment...
  4. Q