1. I am lombard

    Vintage wheel skin?

    i am making a 1920-1930's car, does anyone know if there are skins for the wheels?
  2. B

    How do I change my name?

    hey so recently i made this account and i was thinking of changing my name. can you do that? if so how? and if there is no option like that can you at least delete your account and make a new one? im not able to just make a new account on top of this one because this is hooked up to my only...
  3. C

    Possible VR Support?

    Hi, i stumbled across your game on Steam a long time ago. I am into VR for over a year now and i am sure Besiege would be awesome in VR. It is unique and would be very welcome to the ever growing VR comunity. Please make it happen! I worked for Nintendo for many years as a Gametester and if you...