1. Veqvea

    Editor Improvement Suggestions

    Hey there, just a few days ago I started playing Besiege and it's awesome! I love how much work the developers put into the game. :) When I was playing I found a few things that are a bit unfortunate and could be improved. Here's my list: - The symmetry mode should also delete blocks on the...
  2. EatThatPie

    A "vanilla" tag for machines in the workshop

    Im one of the guys that is more impressed with a 100% vanilla working 4-legged walker than a gigantic multiple-joint mech from pacific rim if its made with mods. This is why I want a "vanilla" tag for machines in the workshop. I dont think you should be able to select this tag youself. (because...
  3. ZombieJesus

    New options for the Drag Objects god tool.

    I have a few suggestions for the Drag Objects god tool so I will list them in descending order (approximate) of how many new things each point would allow to do. 1. Make Drag Objects available in the server rules so it can be turned on or off for all players (I think this would also be the...
  4. WillPlayerBrasil

    Possibility to use cannons of the level 9 on multiverse maps

    Having the possibility of placing the cannons of level 9 (Ipsilon) and being able to modify the power of this weapon would make the maps of the multiverse much more challenging. (Please place the cannons, it will be much more fun).
  5. G

    Small suggestion list

    1. Wider gears to make it easier to align them. 2. Holder + Grabber, basically a holder that can grab onto the items in the basket. 3. Hard missions: Smaller construction box, limit number of parts, blocks like water and vacuum have limited use, only allow certain parts. 4. Tar block: Shoots tar...
  6. Anamoose

    Ideas for Besiege blocks

    1. a option to fill balloons with a denser gas then air so you could have negatively weighed balloons 2. pressurized tanks for lift like fill the tank with hydrogen and if hit by lets say a arrow can explode but provides more lift than the generic balloon. 3. infantry for your team the...
  7. Earthsea27


    Godmode I would like to have a godmode that allows you to control knights in first person or 3rd person. i would like if you can swing your weapon if your the farmer or the axe knights. so that if people are playing a war in multiplayer they wouldnt need to make a unit made out of scaled blocks...
  8. S

    Level Suggestions

    These are just simple ideas on new content to increase the variety of level styles. The 'Odd Contraption' level was interesting and maybe if there could be something like it with for example finding an abandoned medieval grain silo or water tank were you'd have to go under it and fill up little...