1. T

    Workshop Legal Agreement - Creation Upload

    I have been trying to upload a creation to the Steam Workshop and get an error message each time. Despite having owned Besiege for over a year, this is my first attempt at uploading something. I am able to successfully subscribe to, download, and use other peoples' workshop creations, and...
  2. Ross

    Building a plane in v0.01!

    I downloaded Besiege v0.01, the very first version, and built the best airplane I could in it. The result is a plane that's surprisingly useful in small levels that require precise maneuvering, and also good for sightseeing in new maps. Since I actually built it in the first version, and it...
  3. D

    Steam Cloud Support

    I am asking for support to Steam Cloud Service that allows users to not lose progresses when switching to a different PC.
  4. W

    Unable to connect to Steam service

    When the game is launched from Steam, the Steam screen overlay is available but the Workshop button is missing and the Multiverse can only connect through the region servers. (Same behavior as launched directly from executable) I tried to reinstall Besiege, restart Steam client and restart the...
  5. BrickNick

    Steam Overlay help

    Hello, So I'm having this problem where my steam overlay won't open while I'm playing Besiege. Even the tab that lets you open your subscribed items is missing. I've verified game cache and nothing fixes it. I'm not sure what to do now since I can't seem to find a solution anywhere.
  6. BirdyDragon

    What do I have to do to get a older Besiege version (v0.20) for Multiplayer Mod?

    I think the Text Above say enouth. :D What do I have to do to get the Old version? Do i have to Post my Steam - ID to conform that i bourght the full Game? Do i have to tell you my Steam - Name? I only wanna Play with the Multiplayer - Mod with my Brother. ~Sorry for my English :confused:
  7. CCCanyon

    Full-Auto Bomb Revolver C26E

    4 magazines, 4 x 8 = 32 rounds!! Full-auto / single shot Change magazines with one key Articulated turret mode steering Block count 213 Warnings: The machine will explode if firing while moving forward The machine will explode if there is any lag The machine will explode if the time flow...
  8. T

    Hi plizz check out my Quadracopter!!!

    please check out my quadracopter and leave thoughts so i can get better i have 250+ hours on besiege but i hav only now started with quadrotor helicopters Here is the Steamcomunity link: feel free to edit my quad in any way
  9. Redstoneman

    Cannot upload anything to steam workshop (nor update existing items)

    Exactly what the title says. Trying to upload anything to the workshop ends with an in-game steam popup saying "Unexpected Error, please try again later" This often yields a blank item with no name being uploaded to the workshop. It "weighs" nothing, has no image, just nothing. I can still...