1. CCCanyon

    ORC 28 Flying Truck

    It's a off-road truck by all meanings XD I put the VEL engine on a 2-axis gimbal. It flies to the right direction no matter how wobbly it became. (VEL engine v3.5) 180 blocks Vector entanglement levitation engine Self stabilized Ice-proof Control: Arrow keys L-ctrl --- toggle flight Z X...
  2. CCCanyon

    CCC-66 Compound Bicopter

    Actually an interpretation of the Kamov V-100 concept attack helicopter. Old school no scaling style. 199 Blocks. Balloon stabilized. Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll L-alt, R-ctrl --- yaw Z, X --- elevation C --- toggle forward flight F, G --- cameras Also available at...
  3. CCCanyon

    CCC-89 Hover Hawk

    It's a UH-60 Black Hawk with a Vector entanglement levitation engine. Extremely easy to fly. Just fly it like a car driving in mid air. Easy to fly. Ice-proof. Openable doors. 167 Blocks. Control: First, wait 1 second before touching anything. C --- start enginge Arrow keys --- move...
  4. Tetuminus

    just an idea, stabalizer

    modder plz make a stabalazier plz plz plz. btw a love the besiege comunity btw my englich suck btw i am from sweden btw bye btw bye bye bye bye bye bye
  5. Stellaris

    How do propellers exactly work?

    Hi, at the moment I am learning how to build aircrafts (big thanks to @Shade here). What still is a mystery to me, is how to create enough uplift for your machine while maintaining vertical stability but without putting hundrets of propellers onto it (it wouldn't look like a real aircraft...
  6. CCCanyon

    Automatic Stabilization thru Vector Entanglement Tutorial

    The 2-dimensional vector entanglement technique learnt from the guide Levitation through Vector Entanglement by Neon. Done!! Test 1, without gyro damper: Test 2, with gyro damper: Stabilizer in practice: CCC-80 The stabilizer can be quite small. I chose the tail fin to be the...
  7. [UTT] Narzu

    Helicopters & realistic swashplates

    Hello guys, I'm quite new to the forum but there is a start for everything, I've been playing this game for maybe a year and i'm building mostly helicopters and recently I started using mods because precision placement & scaling make crazy things possible! Here is my last baby :) (you can...