1. A

    Springs visually strays from position (behavior stays the same) over time

    Springs stray visually (but not behaviorally) from their initial attachment points. First noticed it on my overbuilt suspension truck (first image) but it was easy enough to reproduce (second and third imagine). It seems to happen at different rates for different attachment points, and in...
  2. R

    Bow limb / leaf spring

    Why isn't this a thing yet? We got the one way suspension, that works well, but not on certain cases such as when you wanna shoot things horizontally. And it fits the medieval setting as well. Also it would really help to make car suspensions, flapping wings, and basically add much more...
  3. N

    Online Spring Compression Bug

    When playing Multiverse and joining a server, being someone who joins a server, if you have a device that spins springs around a wheel, or other spinning blocks, instead of the spring extending out because of the weight , it contracts inwards, this only works when in the "Gamemode" when...
  4. Sanpyr

    'Start Contracted' and 'Automatic' option for Contractible Springs

    okay, this suggestion is pretty simple, but it would help builders ( like me ) a LOT, so here is the suggestion: similarly to how the winch has a 'Start Unwound' option, there should be a 'Start Contracted' option for springs. When 'Start Contracted' is enabled, the spring will start enabled...