spaar`s modloader

  1. A

    Need rockets!

    I didn't play this game for awhile and just started again recently. Is there anything that closely resembles the old flamethrower thrusters that use to be available? I need them in my life.
  2. F

    Cannon recoil control for v0.3 ???

    Hi. Since the unlimited cannon god mod was implemented to the game the unlimited cannon mod for spaar modloader wasn't updated. As far as I remember the mod allowed to control the recoil of the cannon. Now is there a mod to control the cannon recoil, (back push force) in v0.3??
  3. TheCVB

    Updated Level Maker Mod [Spaar`s Modloader] [v0.3]

    Since TesseractCat seems to be inactive now, I updated one of the mods to v0.30 because it seemed to be completely broken and i saw someone mention it on the forums recently. Most things from the old post are still valid, so if you need info on the mod, you can go there. Changes to the mod: I...