1. Ross

    Azrael: The Ultimate Sniper

    A wicked sniper tank featuring: Ultra-close zoom 2-speed turret for fast and precise aiming 5 cannon shots Long-range quadruple flamethrower Recoil-less superpowered water cannon Speed Boost Downforce for wall-climbing 2 grabbers on movable arms Steam Workshop...
  2. CCCanyon


    This time I build like a platypus XD. It is inspired by Blitsplatapus' fascinating armored vehicles. I've always want my own armored ground vehicle and here it is. I use quite a lot building techniques from Blitsplatapus' tanks and APVs. 200 blocks Power x6.0 cannon Independent suspensions...
  3. kalso_

    Sniper (No recoil!) + Sniper-flamethrower-thingy!

    (Also in Steam Workshop) I just got and idea to build a very accurate sniper-cannon-thingy and here it is! IMPORTANT: The lock (X) needs to be attached always when firing the cannon or it'll break! Instructions: Press Z once Press X once to release the cannon Aim with WASD (Press left shift to...