1. Frostbite-SIEGE

    Reason for MV instability?

    Not talking about a specific issue, just wondering is the reason MV is laggy/unstable caused by a collection of various bugs or a fundamental issue in how the system works? (Like the way info is sent from host to
  2. T

    Low fps problem.

    I am wondering why my game runs at such low fps even though I have a decent system. I read somewhere that apparently old cpus just dont do too well. I found that quite odd since I am running a Phenom II x4 964 oc to 4ghz no less and a gtx 780 but only get 20-30 frames with creations over 200...
  3. E

    Running Slow

    Hi, I used to play this game in 2015/16 and have just re-downloaded it today. The game is running extremely slowly, at what feels like 1-2 FPS on every screen (loading, menu, options, etc) and it's quite unplayable like this. I had high framerate and no issues when I used to play in 2015/16...