1. MangoMan5689

    Colors: and how to use them

    As many of you may know when you attempt to change colors of things in Besiege whether it be the color of rocket explosions or the color of objects in the level editor there's a slider with an array of colors and some obscure 6-digit letter and number combination with a hashtag(#) before it such...
  2. I

    Extend slider

    Developers forgot to make possibility to extend slider like a piston by button "F". I often need such possibility.
  3. ITR

    NoBounds Mod [Besiege 0.32+]

    [Note: In the parameter tuner] Type any number in the value box of sliders, also increased the letter cap for typing in numbers(numbers still get visually rounded after you press enter, in addition to be made to fit inside the 32bit floating point data structure). To use negative numbers, just...