1. RasselSSX

    MultiTest Map Simplified

    This is a much more simple version of the original MultiTest Map. I made this for slow Pcs to play at 60 FPS. The Map is exactly the same but with no unecessary vegetation The item count has been reduced from 3044 objects to 1127. Thank you very much for playing! Simplified MultiTest Map...
  2. Ross

    6 Block Airplane, built with the new tools!

    I'm really loving the new building tools, and I finally put the to good use! I happily introduce the 6 Block Clover. Its unique flying character takes practice, but it should be fun once you get the hang of it! Steam Workshop:
  3. WillPlayerBrasil

    STP-1 - Tanque Pesado/Heavy Tank

    Cannon : x5.00 Power Wheels : x1.00 Speed
  4. CCCanyon

    Tutorial Of The 6-Block RTC & Variation

    Used Mods: Lench's Easy Scale Mod TGYD's Building Tools Mod: How To Use Mods: Spaar's Mod Loader Scales: Standard version (the middle one) pivot hinge: (0.5, 1.0, 1.0) ballast: (0.5, 1.0, 0.5) pistons: (0.4, 0.4, 0.4) small hinges: (0.4, 0.4, 0.4) Small version (the left one) pivot hinge...