1. CCCanyon

    SFP - V60 for Contest #62, Reddit

    I built this flying block powered plane for the contest. Vanilla 106 blocks lag-free Easy to fly and well balanced Control: Arrow UP: Engines Forward - Y - G H J --- pitch and roll Also available at: Steam besiegedownloads
  2. CCCanyon

    SFP-V47 High-speed Fighter Bomber, Vanilla

    An attempt on a new airframe. Vanilla Ice-proof Fast (top speed 315m/s ~= Mach 0.9) Suspended retractable landind gears Variable pitch torqueless rotors Carries 4 bombs Dual x2.0-power cannons Well balanced Effective yaw 223 Blocks Control: Arrow keys --- pitch, roll L-alt, R-ctrl...
  3. CCCanyon

    SFP-11 --- Supersonic Aircraft

    Search For Performance project #11. Low block count (106) Fast (1000 m/s ~= 3 mach) Stable (not very maneuverable) Retractable landing gears Air brakes (they are ugly) Ice-proof Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll L-Ctrl --- engine (toggle) C, V --- landing gears Z, X --- speed...