1. Letum

    Besiege Scripting Mod v.0.1.4 [spaarsModLoader v.1.4.1] [Besiege v.0.3]

    Greetings everyone! A few of you might still know me, as I worked for a short time on the modloader. I've been working on this though for the last couple of weeks and I'm pretty happy with what it is right now. This mod let's you write Scripts for Besiege in multiple languages, namely CSharp...
  2. Lench

    Lench Scripter Mod [Besiege v0.42]

    This mod enables you to control your Besiege machine with Python 2.7/3.0 scripts. Changing sliders or toggles and triggering actions allows you to create controllers, stabilizers, autopilots or anything you can dream up to guide your machines. NOTE: This mod requires some basic programming...