1. D

    Steam Cloud Support

    I am asking for support to Steam Cloud Service that allows users to not lose progresses when switching to a different PC.
  2. W

    My save was deleted (all my machines are gone)

    All of my machines and level progress are gone after starting the game up after about 2 months. I have not restarted steam or uninstalled besiege since discovery of my save being deleted. I'm more concerned with retrieving my machines than my level progress as I have put 70 hrs into building...
  3. D

    Save a machine on macOS

    - The default folder for saved machines (user data, screenshot, etc.) is on the app bundle on macOS, it should be on ~/Library/Application Support/[Besiege or unity.spiderlinggames.besiege] - An app bundle on macOS doesn't contain user files, If the bundle is signed or the app is reinstalled...
  4. Ross

    How to edit machine save files

    My tutorial shows how to edit the save files of your machines. This lets you enter huge slider values, change block size scales and angles, map multiple keys to the same function, and more!