1. S

    Managed the 64 bomb version

    Y to launch, press T as soon as the rockets die out, and releas the 64 bombs with U. And watch the bomb wave wash away all your worries and problems. Opening in sandbox will put it in the perfect spot.
  2. S

    48 Bomb Cluster Missile

    Utilizes centrfugal force to fling bombs away at different velocities. Launch with Y. Activate the wheels one by one to ensure that the bottom wheel isn't overwhelmed by the counteracting force of the wheels above it. Start pressing the buttons 1 up to 6 when the missile is pointed...
  3. Sanpyr

    I tried to remodel the ribbon on the Explosive Rocket's model, and..

    okay, so some backstory: I was trying to make a 'colorable block, (the ribbon on the rocket is colorable, I was thinking if I expanded it to become a cube, I could make some cool stuff, i.e color blocks, since PBP2 coloring is broken for now), so I change the ribbon model, and... this happened...
  4. Aaraf

    WW2 Soviet Rocket Launcher!

    This creation is based off of the origenal Soviet WW2 Rocket Tank. Also known as the BM-24-8. This tank was one of the first tanks equiped with rockets. It was good and bad. Rockets were very inaccurate. But, rockets had no reload time, no recoil, and even if one does hit its super deadly...