1. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege BM-Type10 COSMO

    This robot was for my King of the hill arena build which requires Zero-Gravity to navigate, if you want to try this robot outside in the arena you could try it all by yourself by downloading this build. Skin:
  2. svetli97

    Robot driving a car

    I made a car that can be driven by a simple robot.

    Contest: Besiege CombatBots Multiverse (Now with arena!)

    Dear Besiege players! I have an amazing idea and i hope people will join! I have been building Battlebots in besiege for a long time now and I now have a total of 66 robots which are all super though and have very strong weapons. I used to fight them against each other by giving them the same...
  4. daichi

    Robot Launcher - Jetpack walker & catapult

    I post machine here first time :P this is my latest walker G29mc"GARGOYLE" mk-2... but you don't have to walk. it has jetpack! taking off of course it can walk x2 Assalt rifle Workshop: