1. N

    Mod Request, Hydraulics !

    Hi pals and modders , id like to request a mod for besiege 0.45 if possible im new here so im sorry if i do something wrong. Id like to request a mod , kind of like Hydraulics, or a block that can extend and subtract while holding a button, something like a piston , but the piston has...
  2. Y

    Mod Request

    Hello, im searching if there are a mod that can modify the bombs radius or explosion power, greetings from argentina!
  3. Signur

    mod requests : few ideas

    Hi besieger, Here's a few features i would love to see in-game. Bomb : - add a detonate button - add viariable strengh (both were in an old mod that wasn't updated) - add snap points - toggle button to disable / enable explosion on contact (bunker buster) Balloon : - toggle destructibility...
  4. D

    [Mod Request] Internal Gears

    I could do with some for tank turret rings and other useful applications if possible.