1. CCCanyon

    Boeing X-32 VTOL, JSF Contest Loser

    Realistic (proportionally accurate) VTOL and tough lading gears (invisible) Easy to fly Low block count (151) Power x2.5 gun in the mouth No auto hovering (VTOL requires constant corrections) Controls: Z, X --- throttle, brake Arrow keys / TFGH --- roll and pitch R, Y --- yaw Left Ctrl...
  2. I

    Help! Please compact this helicopter swashplate!

    I made a functional helicopter swashplate. I can mod but I'm not sure how to make this more compact.(I know I could just make everything smaller but that doesn't help)(I need it to fly) the swashplate could use some refining if possible and if you make one that I use, I will give credit (just...
  3. [UTT] Narzu

    Helicopters & realistic swashplates

    Hello guys, I'm quite new to the forum but there is a start for everything, I've been playing this game for maybe a year and i'm building mostly helicopters and recently I started using mods because precision placement & scaling make crazy things possible! Here is my last baby :) (you can...
  4. CCCanyon

    Piper Pa-44 Seminole

    Piper Pa-44 Seminole Looks good Flys great Retractable landing gears Working flaps Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Q, E --- yaw C, V --- landing gears Left Ctrl --- toggle engine Z, X --- ac/decelerate I started building this plane from the exterior, something funny happened: After...