1. Frostbite-SIEGE

    Reason for MV instability?

    Not talking about a specific issue, just wondering is the reason MV is laggy/unstable caused by a collection of various bugs or a fundamental issue in how the system works? (Like the way info is sent from host to
  2. N

    Where can i find new maps?

    I always see people using this desert map, but i cant find any downloads or any mention of a mod.
  3. D

    I need the acceleration due to gravity!

    I'm the real world, it's 9.8 meters / second squared, but besiege doesn't seem to use meters, and I'm not even sure if gravity is the same. Does anybody know the acceleration due to gravity in blocks per second squared? I'm trying to calculate it for a build, but it's kind of complicated. If...
  4. Tommaso Matteini

    Propeller Angle

    Hi everyone, it's my first post here, i'd like to know how to reduce to 0 the angle of attack of the propellers in besiege, is there a precise number to input or are there other ways? i saw several creations with that feature and i'd lie to use it for aircraft tail and control surface, thanks a lot!
  5. Phone1214

    I have questions about blockloader

    Where is the download link for blockloader is it useless now?
  6. magictgboy

    Besiege vehicle engine thread

    How do i build a compact engine without powered wheels or cogs? Preferably in the silver areas. sry for crappy mobile design don't have mods. Help appreciated!